Facial Reconstruction

After removal of skin lesions such as a mole or skin cancer it may become necessary to reconstruct the area with skin that will restore the normal look to that part of the face. Board-certified facial plastic surgeon A. John Vartanian, MD has had extensive experience in facial reconstructive techniques, and in such cases advanced techniques can be used to restore the area. Dr. Vartanian can use advanced flap techniques to fill in defects resulting from MOH’s or dermatological removal of skin lesions. In many cases, he can also remove the lesion and fix the skin defect in one setting.

Mole Removal

Moles can usually be identified by the appearance of a raised bump, typically brownish in color, on the skin. While many people have had moles their entire lives without any problems, the fact is that they can look unattractive and some rarely can be malignant.

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Skin Cancer Removal

There are a range of skin cancer types. Your treatment will depend on the size of the cancerous area, the type of the cancer, and the depth to which it is penetrating the skin. Dr. Vartanian can examine your suspicious skin lesions and biopsy them for a confirmed diagnosis.

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Skin Lesion Treatment Options

Here are some of the specific treatment options that can effectively remove moles, cancerous or pre-cancerous areas from the skin:

  • Topical medication
  • Surgical excision
  • Topical cautery
  • Shave removal
  • Laser treatment

Dr. Vartanian will recommend the best procedure for your needs, and he will work to minimize any aesthetic after-effects.

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