IPL Fotofacial

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is designed to treat various skin discolorations and sun damage in gradual and gentle ways, while eliminating downtime after treatment. Intense pulse light refers to the type of device used to perform number of great facial procedures to beautify the skin in a quick and easy series of treatments. Fotofacial (also referred to as Photofacial) is a popular term for IPL treatments aimed at reducing the appearance of: freckles, sun spots, skin discolorations, broken blood vessels, spider veins, red skin, rosacea-caused skin redness, pore size, and acne. Fotofacials can also improve general skin tone.

Here at the practice of our Glendale facial plastic surgeon, Dr. John Vartanian, it usually takes about 20-30 minutes to treat the entire face. For more comprehensive results, multiple treatments are often necessary, but the actual number of treatment sessions may depend on the condition of the skin treated. When multiple treatments are needed, it is recommended they be scheduled at 4-6 weeks intervals.

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How is our IPL Fotofacial Treatment Different?

We use the best IPL therapies and latest IPL machine on the market: the Palomar platform. Just like the notion that not all cars are the same, there exist many IPL devices of various degrees of quality, safety, and treatment effectiveness. Our IPL device is designed to be powerful, safe, and very effective at delivering great results. Another part of a successful IPL treatment is the nurse treating the patient. Using the car analogy again, we have drivers of various skill and judgment level. Our nurses are not only highly trained by Dr. Vartanian and certified by the device maker, they are also highly attentive to detail and to optimal performance of the treatments. The combination of the best nurses and best devices work to ensure that our patients are receiving the best care possible.


start-quoteI’ve been doing IPL for a little while now and it’s the best thing ever ! I did underarm bikini and legs and I don’t ever have to shave, even after the first time I did it I barely shave between appointments. I love Jamie she’s the one who does the IPL she’s awesome I recommend everyone do it !


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Recovery from IPL Fotofacial Treatments

Immediately after treatment there will be mild redness, and some of the freckles or dark spots will initially get darker. This initial and temporary slight darkening of facial freckles and blood vessels is a sign of successful treatment and should disappear in a matter of days. Makeup can be used immediately after treatment to cover up possible temporary slight redness or darkness. All regular activities can be resumed immediately after treatment. It is however strongly advised to minimize or avoid sunlight or tanning. We also recommend daily use of a high-SPF (15+ Sun Protection Factor) sun block with micronized zinc to better protect your skin before and after treatments. We can further recommend specific skin products and give additional customized treatment advice in our office.

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What to Expect

  • How Long Does the IPL/Fotofacial Take? It generally takes about 30 minutes to complete.
  • What type of skin problems targeted for improvement? Freckles, sun spots, skin discolorations, broken blood vessels, spider veins, red skin, rosacea-related skin redness, pore size, acne, and overall skin tone can be improved.
  • What about Recovery? Recovery times are quite minimal, with patients going back to work or daily activities right after treatment. Facial redness, slight darkening of freckles and treated blood vessels may be apparent immediately after treatment and can be concealed with makeup. Individual variations can occur in recovery times and we would not recommend scheduling any treatment immediately before an important event.
  • What about Results? After completion of treatments, a reduction in the signs of: skin discoloration, spider veins, rosacea-caused skin redness, pore size, sun/age spots, freckles, broken blood vessels, and/or acne should become apparent over time. Skin tone can also be improved with this procedure.

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